"From sunshine to autumn magic: A look back at my summer and a look into the fall season"

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Dear DekoPanda,

unbelievable, but it's September 1st. I hope you had a fantastic summer! I really wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed this time of year. For me, summer was not only a time to relax and enjoy, but also for great projects and valuable family moments . This summer we spent our family vacation again in our absolute favorite country. Holland ! ;) YES, we love Holland with its weather, its cycle paths, its sea and its beautiful nature. This year we were particularly fond of the north. More precisely the Schoorlsen Duinen . If you haven't been there yet, you definitely need to put it on your travel list. I'll show you a few moments from our vacation so you know what I mean ;)

After the very work-intensive first half of the year, we really used the summer to enjoy time together - even at home. The sunsets on our newly designed terrace with the self-built outdoor kitchen were simply magical. The new patio cover has created a new space for our family - a kind of vacation oasis right at home. It was great to spend the summer there with lots of delicious things like pizza, tarte flambée and barbecues.

I'll show you a before/after of our terrace for comparison. Maybe it will also be an inspiration for you :) Feel free to write to me if you have any questions about patio remodeling/outdoor kitchen. On Instagram you will find a very detailed story about the redesign under my highlights.

Our terrace before the remodeling

Our terrace after the remodeling

By the way, have you already noticed our revised flower boxes ? Due to your requests, they are now available in three different sizes instead of two. Perfect for putting your decoration ideas into practice. And hey, a whole new box with autumnal colors is also launching - because autumn is known to be the perfect time for DIY projects. Feel free to write me a comment about which DIY projects you would like to implement this fall.


Speaking of autumn, September has a special meaning for me because it's my birthday ! At the very end of the month, but whatever ;) It's simply a month full of joy and new possibilities, the last warm days and the last barbecue evening. Of course, we are also busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas season . Our warehouse is already filling up with well-known classics and exciting new additions . Believe me, you have a lot to look forward to!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible loyalty and support. DekoPanda wouldn't be the same without you and our fantastic community. Your enthusiasm for our products is the drive that motivates us every day.

While I'm a little sorry to say goodbye to summer, I'm also looking forward to the coziness of autumn. Candles, warm blankets, hot chocolate – all of this makes this time of year special.

I hope you're as excited as I am for all the things and creative projects to come. Let's enjoy this wonderful time together and hope for a great late summer and golden autumn! :)

See you soon and thanks for everything!

Best regards,

your Sarah

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