"Dried flower care 1 x 1: How to make your dried flowers shine and last for a long time"

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I am often asked whether and what care dried flowers actually need. That's why in this new blog article I'm looking at the right care for our beloved dried flowers. But don't worry, it's not that much and they're easy to implement. With these tips you are guaranteed not to go wrong and will enjoy your flowers for a long time :)

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Dust removal: As with any decoration, it is important to regularly remove dust from your dried flowers. You can easily do this with a soft duster, fine brush, or a hairdryer on the lowest setting. Keep the hairdryer about 30 cm away from the flowers to avoid damaging them.

  2. Avoid direct sunlight: Dried flowers don't particularly like being exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, place them in a place where they are protected from intense sunlight. This means they retain their color and texture for longer. Otherwise they lose their color intensity quite quickly.

  3. Protection from moisture: Dried flowers are, as the name suggests, dried flowers and are sensitive to moisture. It's best to keep them away from areas that are subject to significant fluctuations in humidity, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Moisture can cause flowers to discolor, mold, or lose stability.

  4. Gentle Touch: Be careful when handling your dried flowers as they can be delicate. Avoid touching or squeezing them too often as this can affect their shape and structure.

  5. Indoor storage: Dried flowers should not be stored outdoors unprotected.

Now you know the most important tips for the care and longevity of your dried flowers. There aren't that many, are there?! :)

And if you want to try your hand at making DIY projects with dried flowers, then I recommend our dried flower box:


It contains a variety of flower varieties and offers endless possibilities for your creative ideas :)

I hope these tips help you preserve your dried flowers for a long time and enjoy their beauty. If you have any further questions or need further advice, I'm happy to help :)

Thank you for your time and reading my article.

Flowery greetings, your Sarah

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