10,000 sales on Etsy - a milestone we celebrate with you! 🎉

How nice that you're here :)
Feel warmly welcome

10,000 sales on Etsy - a milestone we celebrate with you! 🎉

Dear DekoPanda family,

I or we are overwhelmed, touched and incredibly grateful as I write these lines. Not long ago, the idea of ​​starting your own (Etsy) shop seemed like a distant dream. Yet here we are, with over 10,000 sales as a testament to all the hard work, passion and incredible support that has accompanied us.

Our journey began with an idea and a determination to put it into action. I never thought we would be able to establish ourselves in the world of online commerce, but we rose to the challenge and grew.

Here you can see pictures of our very first products ;)

Of course there were and are ups and downs along the way. There are moments of uncertainty, self-criticism and the constant search for new ways to improve ourselves. As our biggest critic, I have rejected many ideas and looked for new challenges because in this business, standing still is simply not an option. (The year has so many seasons and occasions :D)

Our first bestsellers. A large and a very small bouquet that were extremely popular with our customers :)

I have learned or had to learn so much, more than I ever thought possible, and sometimes I think we have taken on too much. But in the end we are always surprised at how well things work.

But this milestone of 10,000 sales is not just our achievement. It is your loyalty and support that has made this all possible. We wouldn't be here without our wonderful customers, friends and family, and for that I am eternally grateful!🤍

The coming months are exciting as peak season for our business is upon us - Christmas! We are already in the middle of preparations and look forward to delighting you with our festive products.

So let's celebrate this milestone, look back on our beginnings and look forward to what the future holds for DekoPanda.

Thank you for being part of our journey and supporting us. Here’s to the next 10,000 sales and beyond!
Feel hugged!🥰

Your DekoPanda team 🐼✨

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