"Creative anticipation: DIY Advent calendar for children"

Advent calendar for children: design your own and have fun!

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Dear DekoPanda family,

My absolute favorite time of the year is just around the corner.🎄

I think most of us love the magic it brings. But you shouldn't underestimate the stress factor either, because there's a lot that needs to be thought about and organized. In addition to all the Christmas presents, celebrations, decorating, etc., the Advent calendars are still available until the first of December. The children love this tradition and it makes the long wait until Christmas Eve easier every year.

But for us parents, of course, this also means a lot of organization, especially if we decide on homemade Advent calendars. They are beautiful, but they also mean that we have to worry about the contents of the bags. I have been designing my children's Advent calendars myself for many years and have therefore written down all my ideas and tips for the content. Maybe there will be some inspiration for you too! :)

Tips for the contents of the bags:

The ideas for content are almost endless. You can fill the bags individually, depending on the interests and age of the children. I know myself that it can sometimes be a big challenge to find new ideas for filling the bags. That's why I've put together a few suggestions for you from my treasure trove of ideas over the last few years:

  1. Delicious surprises : e.g. delicious children's snacks from the drugstore, fruity fruit bars, crunchy dried fruits and chocolatey lollipops, or small bags of fruit gum, Smarties, Ü-eggs, etc. Edible content is always good for children.

  2. Creative crafting fun : Small craft sets for Christmas tree decorations or Christmas tree baubles from well-known craft stores ;) This allows your child to make their own decorations for the Christmas tree and has a creative activity for the day.

  3. Animal friends : Creatures are popular with many children and the range can be constantly expanded.

  4. Creative materials : pens, stickers, stamps, small coloring books or mini clay. Children always need these things anyway :)

  5. Hair accessories and more : (Christmas) hair clips and hair ties, as well as bath products are always a great idea.

  6. Puzzle fun : Small puzzles or mini puzzle books.

  7. Beauty stuff : Lip balm sticks, hair masks and various creams are certainly a great joy for the older kids

I could certainly expand the list. But that should give you some initial ideas.

Homemade Advent calendars are not only creative and personal, but also environmentally friendly because they can be reused. This saves resources and brings lasting joy to the Advent season. :)

This year we have two variants of DIY Advent calendars in our range.

Our Advent calendars are made of wood. The cute llama motif provides a touch of happiness and childlike anticipation during Advent. The name lettering is available in six beautiful pastel colors.

What makes our Advent calendar so special is the possibility of personalization. You have the choice of having one or even two names lasered onto the sign. As an alternative to the colored version, you can also choose from three cute motifs that are lasered onto the wooden sign.

Check out our customizable Advent calendars here:

Link to our Advent calendars


If you have any other great ideas for Advent calendars, please write them to me in the comments! :)

The most important thing is that despite all the stress in the run-up to Christmas, you don't lose the fun. If all of this is too stressful for you, you can still use purchased calendars with a clear conscience. One possibility would be to convert it into a self-made calendar and add your own things. In the end, the kids are happy with what they have anyway :) And that should always be the main thing.

Now I wish you a lot of fun getting creative :)

Feel tight,

your Sarah🐼

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